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Pipe Restoration

Cast iron sewer pipes

Cast Iron Pipe Restoration in Orlando, Florida

Cast iron sewer pipes were a staple plumbing system for decades in Orlando and surrounding areas. However, if you have a home built in the early 1970s, your cast iron piping system has likely weakened due to rust or corrosion. As these problems progress, it can be daunting to consider a complete pipe replacement of your sewer lines.

At We Fix Drains, we offer another solution: pipe restoration. We’re confident in our knowledgeable plumbing experts and top-of-the-line services. We can repair your cast iron pipes to last for over 50 years. Avoid the expensive replacement costs and major construction to replace cast iron with pipe restoration from We Fix Drains!

Do You Need Cast-Iron Drain Pipe Restoration?

While the majority of plumbing or pipelining contractors typically advise replacing cast-iron pipes if your piping is older than 50 years, our experts at We Fix Drains offer a better option. Get a long-lasting solution to your problem. If you are experiencing leakage issues, contact us today.


Should You Restore or Replace Your Sewer Pipe?

To repair or replace? If you’re experiencing drainage problems, you need to consider things such as repair costs, replacement pipes, and the state of your existing pipes and sewer system.

Pipe Restoration


  • Best option for most issues
  • 30-40% less cost than replacement
  • Can last up to 50 years
  • Repairs the inside of pipe with existing access points (no drilling floors)


  • Can Take Up To A Day To Cure (Still Faster Than Replacement)



  • Best option for excessive deterioration, corrosion, tree root damage, and severe leaks
  • More permanent solution


  • Requires INCONVENIENT landscape excavation (then PIPE restoration)
  • Can take weeks to complete
photo od a fatberg in the pipe

Why Pipe Restoration in Florida? 

Generally, cast-iron plumbing stopped being utilized because of its advanced deterioration in this Florida climate. The humidity and salt-rich soil here in the Sunshine State can damage cast iron plumbing. While cast-iron drains may not be a popular plumbing system now, that doesn’t mean that a replacement is necessary. Instead, We Fix Drains uses industry-leading techniques to effectively fix your damaged pipes without unnecessary costs and construction.

With our cutting-edge video technology, our team can identify precisely where the problem is occurring in your drain piping. We accurately diagnose the root cause of the issue. Then, we can confidently select which restoration methods are best suited for your home. 

When you call We Fix Drains, you can expect:

Friendly & honest service
No need for Excavation
Fixed in a Matter of days
A long-lasting Solution